Disaster Recovery for Staffing Agencies

man in despairThe question of whether you will have a computer or server crash is not if, but when.  Everyday staffing agencies just like yours come under attack from hackers, employee vandalism or outright hardware failure.  When it happens, and make no mistake it will happen, how will you replace the years of data that you’ve collected?  How will you make payroll or pay taxes?  How will you know what employees are at what jobs?  How will clients react when their billing is delayed or even lost forever?  How will you make money?

There are many ways to insure that you are not the victim of data loss, but the most effective way is to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan with a multi-prong approach.  Now, this may sound like a simple thing to accomplish and in some cases, it’s easier than others, but by no means should you take it for granted, because when that day does come, and your data is lost to a hard drive failure or to a angry ex-employee, how comfortable do you feel that you will be able to recover the lost data?

All it takes is one employee (even yourself) clicking on the wrong link and your entire network could be at risk of total loss.  Just take the example of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center who were recently infected with ransomware and had to hand over $17,000 to hackers to get their data back.  Furthermore, a similar malware infection in another hospital cost the company ransom money and no data, as the hacker refused to hand over the data once the ransom was paid.  It’s only a matter of time until your data is at risk as well; unless you make a plan now.  It may seem tedious and costly, but when that day comes and your entire agency’s lifeblood is threatened, there will be no better feeling than knowing that you can laugh at the hacker, or the ex-employee or the mechanical failure because you know you have an up-to-date backup and recovery plan that insures minimal loss and continued business operations with little more than a hiccup.anonymous hacker

So, how do you build a solid backup plan for your staffing business?  Well, one way is to hire a professional who will make sure that you not only have current backups of your data but will formulate an entire disaster recovery plan that includes often-overlooked procedures like making off-site backups in case of physical disaster at your staffing branch, and making sure that backups that are made are actually recoverable and will work when you need them to.  This is actually much more complex than it sounds.  Complexity not withstanding however, the investment is absolutely worth it.  How much is your data worth?  How would your business go on if it lost absolutely everything including applicants, job information, client and billing information and payroll?  It doesn’t sound pleasant right?  It’s not.  Just ask Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

While a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan is absolutely necessary to ensure that your agency’s entire data network is protected, at iStaff for example, our backup service is specific to the staffing software.  We make backups of the data in real-time so that your data loss at any particular time is absolutely minimal and can usually be recovered with near-zero data loss at all.  We accomplish this by using state-of-the-art backup software and monitoring our client’s networks remotely for malware, malicious employees and hardware failure.  This very specific type of backup is just one prong of the multi-prong approach that is necessary, but at least in the case of targeted application recovery, like iStaff offers, you can be sure that you will lose absolutely no staffing data including employee records, job and client information and payroll and tax information.  Again though, targeted backup systems like iStaff’s only backup specific applications like your staffing software.  More is needed if you use third party applications that are crucial to your business.

For more information or help designing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, please contact us at support@istaff.io; we’re here to help any way we can.

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