How to use Texting to Fill More Jobs

man-phone-textingToday we’re going to talk about how texting your job candidates with job information can work to not only fill your jobs faster, but also to alleviate much of the footwork that is required by your staffers.

A great example of this might be text blasting a new warehouse job to all qualified workers at one time.  The text is instantly received on their mobile phones and the candidate can reply that they are interested (or available.)  This can happen without any interaction (other than sending the text) from your staffers and your staff can evaluate the replies without making a single phone call.  Once they have the most qualified candidates identified, they can either text those candidates with one text blast confirming their start date/time or make individual phone calls to each one to verify the information.

In terms of the cost involved, it is very reasonable and cost-effective to replace your manual processes with this semi-automated process.  The costs, when compared with staffers making individual phone calls to candidates is highly effective and furthermore, frees your staffers time so that they can do more important or pressing tasks.

Consider this:  Let’s say your staffing agency gets an immediate job order that requires 50 warehouse workers.  Certainly, you are not likely to be the only agency the client is using to fill the job order, so it stands to reason that the agency that can get the most qualified candidates the fastest, will likely dominate the placement numbers for that client and in turn will dominate the sales relationship going forward.  To explain further:  Let’s say it takes you 5-7 minutes to call one candidate on the telephone to determine their interest and availability for the job.  That could literally take one staffer all day to find 50 qualified candidates for the job order.  If you were to text blast this job information to say 200 qualified applicants and they could respond via text without having to talk to one of your staffers, then it is likely you could have the jobs filled before your competitor who is still making phone call after phone call to fill that job order.  It makes not only financial sense to utilize this great technology for this purpose, but will instill confidence in your agency, with your client.

If you would like more information about how your staffing agency can text blast job information to your candidates, please contact me.  iStaff’s iText application works with your existing staffing software and enables nearly completely automated job placement.

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