Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard enables you and your managers to view branch and overall company profitability as well as key performance indicators, or KPI's in one place.

KPI's indicate where staffing agencies need improvement and/or are doing well. These important metrics are presented in a graphical and easy to understand format that comes right from your staffing software and other iStaff products.

Want to see what your other branches are doing to improve their bottom lines or increase their sales? Just take a quick look at your Executive Dashboard for an all-in-one look at your entire staffing enterprise.

Understand instantly what branches are doing the most business and which ones are most profitable. Using aggregated data from your existing enterprise enables you to automatically get a clear picture of where your stafffing business is headed and where changes need to be made.

The Executive Dashboard is included as part of iStaff's iPortal suite along with the Client Portal and the Employee Portal.

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