iTimeClock includes both the hardware and software for a complete timekeeping system which connects to our online timekeeping platform that enables you to track every employee's time via a simple and secure website. iTimeClock also transfers information right into your staffing software so your staffers don't have to manually enter timecard information.

Your client supervisors will love the ability to approve time from their cell phones and to check on all employee's timecard information at a glance. No more paper time cards makes most clients very happy.

iTimeClock tracks all standard timecard information including time in/time out, breaks, and vacation alike.

iTimeClock provides state-of-the-art military-grade hardware that includes options for Wi-Fi connections as well as an option for a cellular-based connection just in case your client can't provide a wired Internet connection to the Internet. The timeclocks also features several methods of authentication including fingerprint technology to avoid buddy punching.

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